Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Payment Terms:

Adam Travel & Tourism will process your completed reservation form as quickly as possible, and send you an e-mailed confirmation of your selected tour along with an invoice for the program including all requested add-on services.


Upon reservation

A down payment of 25% is due upon confirmation to secure your booking. This down payment is Non-refundable if the program is cancelled by you.


+30 days are given upon Prior arrival

(No refund is required of the down payment if the reservation took place in this period of time).


0-30 days are given prior arrival

(No refund is required of the down payment if the reservation took place in this period of time). 


+14 days are given prior arrival

The remaining 75% payment is due 14 days prior arrival. This will not require any refund of the down payment.

During low season only, 7/1/2024 Till 28/02/2024 & 1/06/2024 – 31/08/2024.


0-14 days are given prior arrival

75% refund will be given of the full payment.

Also, if you cancel your stay less than 14 days prior arrival, 75% of your total payment will be refunded to you.

During low season only, 7/1/2024 till 28/02/2024 & 1/06/2024 till 31/08/2024.

During High season No refund will be applied. From 1/03/2024 till 31/05/2024 & 01/09/2024 till 31/12/2024





Travel Insurance: 

Travel insurance is the responsibility of the client. Personal accident insurance must be obtained by the client prior to starting the tour.

Travel insurance for independent travelers and intrepid families. You’d rather not think about all of the things that might go wrong on your trip, but these things can and do happen.

Travel insurance can take care of this unexpected financial expense and is yet another reason to purchase it. A reason why travel insurance is often considered important by families, is because it can cover everyone on the trip, such as dependent children travelling with adults.



Detailed Passport Information:

Detailed passport information must be provided on your reservation form.  Entry to Jordan requires that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond your arrival date.

Entering Jordan is straightforward whether by air, land or sea, with visas and money exchange facilities available at all borders.

Always carry your passport with you when travelling around sensitive areas, such as near the border of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, along the Dead Sea Highway and roads linking the Dead Sea Highway to interior towns. Checkpoints and Passport checks are common in all these areas.

It is important to remember that you may have difficulty entering some Middle Eastern countries from Jordan if you have a visa stamp in your passport from Israel, although generally visitors are given a loose-leaf Israeli entry card not a stamp.


At the Airport

Visas are issued on arrival at the immigration desks in the airport in Amman. There’s no form filling involved. Payment must be made in Jordanian dinars.

At Land Borders


Visas for Jordan are issued at Sheikh Hussein Bridge from Israel, but not at King Hussein Bridge or Wadi Araba. The Jordan Pass (www.jordanpass.jo ) is recognized at all land borders. Borders with Iraq and Syria are open but are considered unsafe.

Note that currently it’s not possible to get a visa on arrival in Jordan at King Hussein Bridge or at Wadi Araba. Check the latest status of Jordan’s border crossings on the Jordan Tourism Board website 



Adam Travel & Tourism is not liable for damage or loss arising from failure to supply accurate passport information.

Restricted nationalities: 


Some nationalities are restricted and should get a visa approval prior arrival to Jordan. In order to avoid any problem, you are requested to provide Adam Travel & Tourism with the nationality of each person traveling, at least 21 days before due arrival.


Program changes:

Adam Travel & Tourism reserves the right to vary or modify the described tour program as local condition require.  Every effort will be made to assure that total content of the touring program is achieved whenever possible.  Suitable substitutions will be made in accordance with prevailing conditions. This caveat covers changes necessitated by force major, weather conditions and the alteration of attraction opening/closing hours.  For instance, all access to the Dead Sea area is restricted during the World Economic Forum, so touring programs would require amendment during this period.   Similarly, changes to adventure programs are necessary from time to time because of heavy rains in the canyons, creating a danger of flash flooding.  Hotel changes because of overbooking or local conditions will be made to a suitable hotel of the same or superior classification.


Hotels standard:  

Adam Travel & Tourism regularly inspects the hotels booked for our tours, and we welcome your feedback to assist our hotel partners in maintaining their standards. 

Please note, only 3* hotels are available in Madaba.






Rooming preferences: 

Your rooming preferences, as indicated on your reservation form (twin, double, single, smoking/non-smoking, etc.), will be conveyed to each hotel at the time your room is booked. Adam Travel & Tourism is not responsible for hotel room’s assignments. We make every effort to help the hotels accommodate your requests, but they are not guaranteed.



Hotels check-in/check-out: 

Generally speaking, check-in time is 14:00 hours and check-out time is 12.00 PM hours. If you are planning to arrive and/or depart on a middle-of-the-night flight and would like to have a room available, we suggest that you inquire about booking an extra night stay.


Check-in times vary but this can range from 12 pm until about 2 pm depending on the establishments rules and regulations. Late check-ins can be arranged through the hotel as long as the guests book this in advance and arrange all the necessary details. Hotels usually specify a check-in time after which they expect guests to check-in. If a guest wants to occupy a hotel room before the hotels check-in time, some hotels charge for an additional day or treat it as a previous days stay (as compared to occupying the hotel room after the check-in time). 


Most hotels, however, allow a grace time (typically 30–60 minutes) on request by a guest, without any additional charge, if a guest wishes to take the room before the check-in time. Some hotels also have a latest check-in time, often 6 pm-8 pm, after which they may give a room to someone else if the room is not prepaid or the guest does not phone in to indicate a time of arrival. 


Some hotels have a deadline for checking-in because the reception may close for the night. For the most cost-effective usage of hotel room occupancy, a guest should try to arrive at about hotels check-in time and leave or hand over the hotel room at about the hotels check-out time, but it may not be always practical because the guests arrival and departure time of flights or car trips may not align with the hotel check-in and check-out time and for other reasons.